Social Security : A Federal Insurance Program

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Social Security Argumentation Essay
Social security is a federal insurance program that provides benefits to retired people and those who are unemployed or disabled. Social security is, in other words, earned benefit with dedicated funding from payroll contributions paid by workers and their employers, known as the FICA tax. Generally, to be covered a worker must have worked for long enough; recently enough, and earned enough to have sufficient FICA credits, typically about 10 years. Benefits are based on the worker’s earnings history and are generally modest, averaging a little over $1,100 per month for all beneficiaries. There are three types of social security: retirement, disability, and survivor insurance. Social Security does not cover some state and municipal employees and those who are self employed. It also does not cover some foreign workers admitted temporarily to the United States. Most workers who are not covered by social security contribute to other retirement and disability funds. In recent years, there has been a study that shows America will soon not be able to pay for social security and essentially will have to give it up; however, there are also many ways to prevent from the supply of social security from running out, but some people may have problems with them. Raising income tax, taking away benefits, and having to risk paying for retirement even though they may not receive as much as they invested.
Social security is paid by a payroll tax shared

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