Social Security : The United States

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For over 80 years social security has provided Americans with money after they reach the minimum age requirement. This money has provided retirement money for millions of people across the country but is now in jeopardy. To get an understanding of the current and future situation of social security it’s important to understand what social security is, when it was created, why it was created, and also how it has performed since it was created. After getting an understanding of social security I will then talk about the current state of social security including problems with it and the different arguments that are being made about what should be done with social security. The problems and current situation of social security will also be…show more content…
The Social Security program today is not the same one that was created back in 1935. Over time this program has changed and there have been amendments made so that have expanded the program to what it is today. Social Security was not as popular when it was created as it is today and that’s due to the fact that more people have access to the program. As already explained the Social Security program in the United States was created in 1930’s and for anyone who is familiar with the history of the United States then you know that during this period the U.S. experienced a downturn in their economy that is known as the Great Depression. The Social Securities Act was “intended to offer immediate relief to families” (Martin & Weaver, page 1). At this point in time a lot of families were struggling economically and didn’t have a job or any money that they could use to support themselves. Everyone was looking for a way that could catapult the economy out of the downturn and into prosperity. By implementing a program that would bring money to families it allowed for people to have some type of income. Eventually this program with the help of other programs and also other events the United States was able to get out of the Great Depression. The Social Security program as we know it is different than the one that was first created back in 1935 and there has been many changes to the program. Over the
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