Social Status In Crick Crack Monkey By Merle Hodges

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Crick Crack Monkey The book Crick Crack Monkey by Merle Hodges was first published in 1970. Crick Crack Monkey is a story of a young girl name Tee who was raised in Trinidad & Tobago. Tee mother Elizabeth passed away giving birth. Tee father right away migrated to England after Tee mother’s death. After the death of her mother, Tee was stuck in between two completely different worlds. Tee and her brother Toddan immediately was left in their Aunt’s care Tantie. Tantie who was the sister of Tee’s father was poor, uneducated and black. While in her Aunt Tantie care, Tee had to learn how to be independent and take up for her own self. In the meantime, Beatrice who is Elizabeth sister was the completely opposite. She was high class, educated and light skin. During the stay at Tantie house Beatrice was fighting for custody of Tee and her brother. She felt that Tantie did not have enough class nor the level of education to raise Tee and her brother as well. Throughout the novel Merle Hodges demonstrate the effect social status can have on a person. Social Status was a main key factor in the novel. Throughout the novel Merle Hodges demonstrates how important having a social status was in the Caribbean. Despite the way that Beatrice felt about Tantie, Tantie was still doing everything in her will to raise Tee and her brother toddan the right way. At first Tee and Aunt Tantie were getting along just fine. Tee even reveals how much she was enjoying her time staying with Tantie.

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