Emile Durkheim Society Essay

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Society, can be defined in different views based on the person's background. To some people society is defined as the community in which they live, others may say that society is what shapes the person they are. Society is define differently to Emile Durkheim, one of the first official Sociologist, he defines society as a “thing” and believed that harmony, than conflict, defined society. This essay will contain information how society forms and function, in other words, how it maintains order and stability to support various relationships with one another or group collectively. Also, thoughts Durkheim has on social facts.
Emile Durkheim believed in sociology, the social facts, and aspects in social life that make people. Durkheim would …show more content…

They are two type of social facts, material and nonmaterial which materials would be seen like in government laws, and religion, as for non-material, are observed from our beliefs, morals ,and values which are not physical viewed. “A social fact is any way of acting, whether fixed or not,capable of exerting over the individual an external constraint.”(The Rule of Sociological Method. Durkheim. Pg 209) People may argue that society once was formed, now it is the problem of social phenomena which once caused problems in the psychological nature.
“Societies are born from one another, with no break in continuity, we may assured that in the whole course of social evolution there has not been a single time when individuals have really had to consult together to decide whether they would enter into collective life together, and into one sort of collective life rather than another.” (The Rule of Sociological Method. Durkheim. Pg. 216) Durkheim means that men have consider with one another if to still stand together for the community. Men wonder if to still follow the social fact to keep the society formed to keep the individuals together.
In my opinion, I agree with Emile Durkheim and the way he suggest that society should be formed and the evolution of how is created and its formation. Society establishes limits on the

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