Social Validation In Social Media

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Being addicted to social media is someone who spends too much time on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites, which interferes with their daily lives. When a person is continuously on social media it becomes an addiction, which causes them to loose focus of the importance around them (meaning their everyday lives.) When social media takes over a person life they start to seek it for social validation, fear of missing out, and finesse. Although some people use social media to stay in contact with family and close friends, many use it showing off like they've got it all together, leaving me to wonder the intentions of their post. Social validation is a pressure to become socially accepted. Social validation is looked at as an important part in someone's life. Social validation becomes important to the addict’s life, because they'll be seen with their phone in hand checking for how many like, followers, and etc they have which makes them feel validated. Social validation can bring doubt into one's self esteem and confidence. When I had my social media accounts I thought seeking for validation back than was the thing to do but I began to get over it. Social validation is also someone who constantly post about themselves or even ten selfies of themselves a week. My sister and cousin have a problem with always posting selfies, posting their location, and posting what they're having to eat. I don't like that my sister and cousin seek to social media for approval

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