Social Welfare Policy And Social Programs Essay

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History Assignment
Chapter two of Social Welfare Policy and Social Programs and the history videos highlight significant events that has influenced the creation of many social policies. Slavery existed during the colonial period 1800's. When The Proclamation Emancipation was signed in 1864 by President Lincoln to free the slaves, there was a turmoil of emotions. Free slaves shouting with joy and singing praises while many others outraged by the law. Many chose to go against the law and continue slavery practices. The following year in 1865, General Granger enforces the emancipation law to free the slaves in Galvestine Texas. This time period marks the beginning of a continuous journey of hardship, racism, fighting for rights and the fight against discrimination and violence.
The social concern that was being addressed was the transition of African Americans from slavery to freedom. Slavery was a part of history for many years. Slaves worked hard for their masters working in various jobs from domestic servants to agriculture. Freeing slaves means struggling. There was no existing plan to be …show more content…

"In 1865, the federal government established the Freedmen's Bureau, which provided temporary relief for newly free slaves, managed abandoned and confiscated property, helped to reunite families, provided medical supplies and food rations, and established institutions such as hospitals, schools, and orphanages" (Segal, 2016, p. 32 cited Trattner, 1999). Even though this social policy was developed, it was still a struggle to practice rights given by the government. Several rejected freed slaves and exercised racial theories. They experienced officials sabotaging opportunities. Land was taken away, free men and women were taken advantage of by former masters by increasing cost of agriculture to the point where debt was never going to be

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