Social Work And Become A Therapist

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I have always felt the most fulfilled when I was helping others and entered college with plans to major in Psychology and become a therapist. After my first year of college, I learned about the social work profession, and that I could become a therapist with a Master’s in Social Work degree that could be completed in one year of graduate school. I decided to investigate social work and took an introductory course.
Introduction to Social Work taught me the differences between social work and other mental health professions. Social Work incorporates aspects of various fields, such as psychology and sociology, takes a broader view of a person, and is dedicated to helping vulnerable populations. The focus is not only on the individual’s past, but also current situations, their environment, and culture. Social workers affirm that everyone possesses strengths, worth, and the capacity to change. They want to effect positive change and foster social justice. They start where the client is, and value that the client is the expert of their lives. I knew social work would be the perfect profession for me. I married during my sophomore year of college and was accepted into Utah State University’s Advanced Standing Social Work Program a year later. Shortly before receiving my acceptance letter I became pregnant. We decided for my husband to finish school while I cared for our child, but I always knew I would return to school. During my husband’s senior year of school, he was diagnosed…
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