Social Work As A Profession

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A) I would describe social work as a profession that seeks to help individuals, families, and groups in multiple ways. Social work takes into account benefits of society as well as individuals and therefore seeks for a solution to a problem that would be the most moral and right thing to do. The social work profession has multiple careers that assist with several issues such as adoption, mental health, addictions, poverty and homelessness, hospice care, and immigration and aboriginal treatment. Each of these areas have a rage of careers within them, or social workers can have a career as one of the broader categories. A social worker is not simply a career, it is also a way of thinking and being. Social workers must have certain values to make them the best they can be at their careers. These values include: respect for human rights and dignity, promotion of social justice and human well-being, self-determination, recognizing the worth and uniqueness of every person, the importance of community, and confidentiality. I shall go over each of these values to explain them more thoroughly. Respect for human rights and dignity means that the social worker needs to understand that every person deserves to be treated equally and with dignity. They must put their judgments and prejudice aside and help each client to the best of their ability and knowledge. Second, the promotion of social justice and human well-being means that the social worker must be able to do things based on what

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