Social Work Narrative Essay

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Narrative Ability to provide psychosocial treatment to a wide variety of individuals from various socioeconomic, cultural, ethnic, educational, and other diversified backgrounds. This requires knowledge of human development and behavior (physical and psychological), and the differential influences of the environment, society, and culture. Answer As with all social work endeavors, a client’s SES, culture, ethnicity, education level, age, and social capital needs to be addressed at all stages of psychological treatment. To disregard the relevancies of any of these traits from the veteran’s background would be detrimental in attending, diagnosing, and developing a care plan for the veteran. Above all, the above markers provide a base to meet …show more content…

Please note all questions must be answered and completed. Moreover, these answers will be evaluated as part of your application package. Social Work full performance level requires completion of a minimum of 1 year of post-MSW degree experience in the field of health care social or In addition to meeting basic requirements, a doctoral degree in social work from a school of social work may be substituted for the required 1 year of professional social work experience in a clinical setting. In addition, the candidate must demonstrate the KSAs below. Narrative Knowledge of community resources, how to make appropriate referrals to community and other governmental agencies for services, and ability to coordinate services. Knowing a “good community resource” is not enough, social workers/clinicians must cultivate reliable contacts within a community resource. To obtain quick results, a social worker must grasp how reliable a resource giving peer is. Often times, like attracts like; if one’s reliable contact cannot provide timely service to a client, they may pass along the word to other reliable professionals. Therefore, keeping and maintaining one’s relationships is of the utmost importance to one’s clients. Narrative Ability to independently assess the psychosocial functioning and needs of patients and their family members and to formulate and implement a treatment plan, identifying the patient's problems, …show more content…

Once that is established, it is important to know the client’s functioning, background, and chief complaints that bring them to meet with the clinician; this can be achieved through conducting the department’s intake, bio-psycho-social-spiritual assessment, and subsequent inventories. Next, the clinician needs to match up the client’s current situation with an evidence based practice. If the clinician is not familiar with the best practice, they can either become acquainted with it through education and supervision or refer the client to another counselor. During the client meetings, it is best to observe strengths that the client possesses and within their system. If plausible, the clinician should encourage the client to include their family into her/his treatment so the family can better support their veteran and so that the clinician can better understand the veteran’s home

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