Treatment Models Chosen For Comparison

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Treatment Models Chosen for Comparison
1. Narrative Therapy the role of the therapist, views of people and their problems, and the approach for helping. Narrative therapy is a way to look at a person’s life story and their struggles from an outside looking in approach. The problems become separate from the individual. Narrative therapy helps the client examine their life story from a strengths perspective. Instead of focusing on the problems the worker helps the client identify their strengths and skills. Individuals also identify the functional aspects of their life. When the client can think about how their struggles have effected their lives, the client is then able to identify what in their life is valuable and important as a whole. When the client can identify a connection to how their choices have had positive and negative consequences and actions they can start to understand the cause and effects of their actions. The role of therapist is to facilitate the client in creating a narrative for the next chapter of their life. It is by these reflective processes the client can focus on the strengths, values, skills and the positive aspects of their lives.
2. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy views of people and their problems, and the approach for helping. Cognitive behavioral therapy guides the client to look at and reflect on the connections between thoughts and feelings, and how that effects behaviors. The goal is to help a client in recognizing their

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