Social Work Reflection

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This autobiography was written in first person where she gave an insight of how she spoke with those she was communicating with, whether it was a family member, a friend or a colleague. It varied from using slang to communicating formally. When she spoke informally this was able to give a true feeling of what she went through.
She explained it very explicitly on each event she had experienced, starting from being raped by her foster carer’s nephew at the age of eleven when she only had the basic knowledge of sex education. (Brown, 2016) She faced many hardships whilst attempting to escape that home in Lancaster as she knew she would always be returned as in the systems eye she was the “trouble child” which they did not want to deal with. They failed her. She expressed how she felt suicidal, unloved, being starved to death and treated like a slave but in for the money. (Brown, 2016) This relates to social work as it allows the person reading to recognise the emotional damage done to someone’s life, as these traumatic events truly exist.
I opted for this book in particular because after having read the introduction, I was fascinated by the concept.
A service like The Children and Young People’s Services would have been available to provide help through child protection as Cupcake was suffering and wasn’t given the support needed within this difficult period. Throughout, I was able to visualise the plot and understand the situation as a social worker, and comprehend how to

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