Social Work Reflection

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Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare provided me with opportunities to learn by using a varities of learning syles. This course offered many readings, groupwork, discussions and presentations to learn the content needed to be successful in this class. Through this course I learned about the history of social work profession, the code of ethics and how a social worker needs to follow the core values and ethical standards and the roles of a social worker. I also learned about the the theories of social work practice that allowed me to become more aware of the needs of social work profession in diverse areas. Overall, this class has helped me understand the responsibilities a social worker has to the profession and their clients. At the beginning of the semester we discussed the history of social work and had a required reading “Huff”. This article discussed progress and reform to the social work profession. Through this reading I learned why the social work profession began. Social work bagan as a way to help the poor and maintain social order. I never realized how far back missionaries went in history to help the poor. They offered direct relief and prayer services for the people in need. As far back as to the Civil War, volunteers worked with the Sanitation Commision that developed into what we know as the Red Cross and Public Health today. As a society what we offered to those in need changed throughout the years. States use to have institutions for

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