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Social Worker A lot of people aren’t fans of social work for multiple reasons but personally I have always been interested in it. I think that being able to help people in a way that a lot of others can’t is very interesting and being able to have a wide range of places where you can work from hospitals, schools, and nursing homes to police departments or courts. Social work to me is very interesting because you never know who could walk through the door and what that person may need help with. Social Workers don’t earn that much money but they do earn enough. Social workers earn about $40,000 a year which isn’t that much but to be able to earn that much you do have to have a masters in social work and be a few years in. When I went on my job shadow recently I learned that money isn’t what is most important when you are a social worker, the most important thing about being a social worker is that you are helping someone that needs it. When reading of research about the money that you earn in social work most people would say that if you are someone …show more content…

Finding a job as a social worker is simple, depending on where you want to work or what area of social work you would prefer. The chapter talked about how in 2008 it was expected to be favorable and that finding a job in social work in a city would have a lot more competition rather than in a rural area. In a rural area it is easier to find a job in social worker because there is less competition and because it is often harder to attract and keep qualified staff also. When finding a job in social work it is often easier when someone has a background in gerontology and substance abuse

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