Social and Ethical Technology Concerns-Biotechnology

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Social and Ethical Technology Concerns-Biotechnology
Biotechnology is technology based on living organisms. It harnesses cellular and biomolecular processes to develop technologies or products which are immensely useful to mankind. Biotechnology modifies living organisms according to our needs. Humans have employed this tool in the fields of agriculture, food industry and medicine for more than 6000 years. We see numerous biotechnological applications in our every-day life. Preparation of food products like bread, cheese and preservatives in dairy products are all outcomes of this great scientific tool (Biotechnology Industry Organization).
Modern biotechnological research has created wonders for mankind. It has provided products to combat rare diseases, vaccines for untreatable diseases, food for the hungry and a safer, cleaner environment to our planet.
Biotechnology has played a vital role in reducing the green house effect and in producing a cleaner planet. Because of the worldwide economic and environmental concerns regarding the use of petro-chemicals, extensive research has been conducted on residual biomass. Significant progress has been made in the field of lignocellulose biotechnology. Lignocellulosic waste materials have been used in the production of bio-fuels, enzymes, chemicals, the pulp and paper, animal feed and composites (Iqbal, 2013). Moreover, algal biomass has received huge attention in producing biofuels due to their relatively high growth rate, great
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