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From the moment we are born , our genders have giving others a certain expectation from each and every one of us . Women are usually expected to look to know how to cook and clean , to have children and stay home to take care of them they are to aspire to be a perfect wife for their future husband . Men are expect to take care of their family by bringing a good amount of money home each day and with that pay the bills . Even though most of us probably don't see things like this , maybe some of our family members still do and they go by these false perceptions that society has put on all of us since the day we are born . I know that my family does and maybe yours does too , speaking from experience I know how tiring it is to hear the same things being repeated to you almost your whole life or doing things you just don't want to do. Many children are raised in a household where they are taught to follow these expectations created by society . Including myself , I have always been told there is a certain expectation from me as a women that I should get used to cleaning the house and cooking a meal because if I cant't do those tasks , no man will want to be with me . Which I find infuriating , i should not be expected to take a care of another who can take care of themselves and if I were to , it would be my choice not because i am expected to do so , due to my gender . That doesn't go for just women, but men too. It's not fair that men are expected to pay for the bills , rent

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