Society : The Awareness Of Willingness In Society

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Life is all about awareness. Society is forever changing and we must be aware and open minded to be able to change with it. Some aspects of modern life are over exaggerated and seem to be exploited through our vast network that social media platforms use to easily influence the population. From false FDA warnings and the legality of marijuana to the abuse of American funds and resources on foreign aid, when we have poverty ridden parts of America worse off than some of the places were helping. There are so many organizations and movements now that focus on some of the smaller problems, rather than the more serious problems we face in our society. Willingness and awareness go hand and hand; how can we make a change if were aware of a problem, but are not willing to do something about it? This is the question I have been asking myself and my peers as time has past and I have become more aware and willing. One of the largest social issues that ties together our society as a whole is the blind selfishness of the overwhelming majority. David Foster Wallace explained his own selfishness perfectly when he stated “…my natural default-setting is the certainty that situations like this are really all about me…” (4). We are all our brother’s keeper, although we want to obtain the best life for ourselves how can we truly live knowing we allowed harm to come to others. Over powering governments and strict laws have put a tight choke hold on the throat of society. The public is blind
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