Society 's Reliance On Renewable Energy

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Society’s reliance on the burning of fossil fuels for energy threatens to harm the environment. Transitioning from a fossil fuel energy economy to a solar-based one will not harm the Earth. Rather than pursuing a harmful energy policy in which big corporations continue to overload the ecosystem with fossil fuels, society could be using local renewable energy sources. The fossil fuel companies who have grown rich extracting raw materials from the ground want to interfere and co-opt with the expansion of renewable energy. People need to start a solar revolution focusing on clean energy built from the grassroots up. It is necessary to begin transitioning to renewable sources and start adopting solar and wind power. Renewable energy has the ability to play a major role in the energy industry of the twenty-first century. Shell and other big oil companies are ironically investing in renewable energy sources. Environmental experts realize that renewable energy helps reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. They also predict that by the year 2050, renewable power may grow to supply half the world’s energy. It may seem unreachable, but generating electricity by using the constant power of the sun and wind is already a reality. Solar power relies on the energy produced by the sun, storing energy for nighttime as well. “This energy can be converted in many ways, such as simple water heating or by the direct conversion of sunlight to energy using mirrors or boilers” (Riley). Solar panel

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