The Solar Energy Effect on Our Society Essay

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The Cultural and Economic effect of Solar Panel Technology on our Society. Solar energy and its use isn’t new to the world. It has been used by various societies beginning from 7thCentury B.C, when the sun’s heat was concentrated by glass and mirrors to light fires. Today, we have everything from solar-powered buildings to solar-powered vehicles. By and large solar technology has some environmental, economic, psychological and ethical implications for our society. Actions taken by companies and individuals to increase the use of solar technology will create good local jobs, improve our environment and reduce our dependence on foreign oil while doing what’s ethical and moral for our society. What …show more content…

The costs for installations are outrageous and it will take years just to make the installation fees back. If more of these expensive farms are built before we can research to get the price lowered, we will all be hurting through our tax dollars. So beware… solar technology isn’t as friendly as it seems! This issue has stopped some politicians in their tracks and has complicated the process of building solar farms. Politicians have spent a long time debating this. Instead, a rule could be passed that restricts the areas in which solar farms can be built. These areas should have low economic value (i.e. swamps, desert land or rooftops). The slowdown of the process may hamper our efforts of bettering our socioeconomic lives as well as the environment. Solar power is one of the most environmentally benign energy sources available. Just 20 days of sunshine produces the same amount of energy as everything stored in Earth’s reserves of oil, coal, and natural gas—yet does not come close to producing the same amount of environmental damage as even one of those options (Greentips, 2005). Solar farms are a clean renewable source that can meet high energy demands and can creates thousands of jobs in the future. It is also used during peak demand for electricity. During the hottest days, the panels are absorbing more energy while homeowners have the a.c. on full blast. They can be installed anywhere

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