Society's Influence on the American Dream

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Society's Influence on the American Dream "Do as most do, and men will speak well of thee." [Thomas Fuller (1654-1734):Gnomologia] Men have a dream to improve their lives and better their social status but each man does not realize that he pursues this dream in hopes of pleasing others and not for his own well being. Fuller's quotation demonstrates that people find success and social mobility if they act and do what others want them to do. The American dream of success and happiness can not be reached independently because people need to feel accepted to achieve satisfaction. Each man strives to improve his place in the community oblivious to the hypocrisy around him. Everyone works to impress others rather than pleasing himself. …show more content…

Even though unhappy, Babbit "asserts his new independence [and]…refuses to join" a new respected organization formed in Zenith. This takes much courage and Babbit prides himself for his perseverance. Although Babbit is proud of his independence, many people end their friendships with him because he will not conform to their liking. Babbit uses his free time to think through and organize his life. He realizes that he needs "the mechanical

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