Socio-Cultural Analysis Of North Korea. 13F Alc Class 003-17.

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13F ALC CLASS 003-17
SSG CORNISH, SCOTT A. Table of Contents

The meaning of culture 3
Five major characteristics that define the culture 3
The common cultural characteristics of a region of the world 4
Overview of the physical geography 5
Complex Terrain 5
Urban/Sub Urban Terrain 5
Key Infrastructure 6
Lines of Communication 6
Significant past military conflicts and their impact on the society 6
Weather analysis 7
Civil considerations 7

The meaning of culture
“The set of norms, behaviors, beliefs and customs that exist within the population of a sovereign nation. International companies develop management and other practices in accordance with the national culture they are operating in” …show more content…

The values and morals of a culture are a symbiotic perception of what is good, right, fair, and just. They are a specific set of values that are learned through the birth and life within the culture. For instance, the cultural values of America hinge on freedom and hard work; however, the values and morals intrinsic to the North Korean culture include Confucian and Neo-Confucian values which place an emphasis on threefold essentials; The first being filial piety or a respect for ones’ parents, elders and ancestors. The second being humaneness, or the care and concern for other human beings; the third essential of the Confucian value structure is a ritualistic view to commemorate not only life’s large events but the celebration of everyday aspects. (Oxnam, 1963)
The customs of a culture are behaviors that are expected of its citizens. North Korea is a male dominated society with women having no influence on decisions of the house; unless, the women are of a higher family status thus also allowing her a position amongst the state. The result of the Confucian lineage of the culture the North Korean people place a high value on the beliefs of “duty, loyalty, honor, sincerity, reciprocating and following protocols while meeting, eating, praying and even celebrating.” (Prachitha, Sophi, and Madison, 2016)
The common cultural characteristics of a region of the world North Korea is a country on the Korean peninsula, south of China in the region of Eastern Asia. The

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