Socio Cultural Context

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Socio- Cultural context has been a part of human history for eons. Individuals implement this theory daily through their language that is closely linked to their culture and time in society. The intersection of social and cultural events has helped to inform many phenomena that people had in earlier years. However, as with any national phenomena, there is a risk factor that is prevalent. This paper will delve into what socio- culture context is and a basic interpretation of risks, behavior risk, and sexual risk taking.
Language is the lenses in which we view culture through our eyes. The term socio- cultural context is referring to the idea of language rather than what the social group does to implement their practice. Though the term is linked to culture and that society, it's mainly about the language that is invented in that culture. As a middle-class African American woman, my socio- cultural context stems from police brutality and feminism that is present in my community.
Police Brutality has been around for a very long time and it’s sad that it still goes on today. When an African American family sends their child out to buy food or go shopping there is always a settle conversation about the police. Conversations that stem from the risk of being around the police is always to keep your identification in a reachable position, don’t make any fast movements, and don’t do anything that would cause the officer to pull you over. In this time, our language is cemented on

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