Broader Social Context

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Question: What are the major components in sociology to see the broader social context? Social Context: In order to see the broader social context we must need to understand first what social context actually is? Social context is the indirect and direct influence of individuals that are in constant communication. It is basically a social environment in which people of different type lives. This environment influences the life of an individual and tells us how these people are influenced by their society i-e. a group of people sharing a same culture, tradition, religion or territory. It is all about how people of different classification differ from each other. Broader Social Context: To see the broader side of the social …show more content…

They act and react on situations in a very different manner from each other. If one thinks he is right then the other one tries to prove him wrong and make himself right. For instance, a little boy wants to play on the road side and his parents forbid him to do so, he will start thinking that his parents are his foes and they don’t like to see him playing but that same kid will react in the same manner when he would become a parent himself. That is how

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