Sociological Imagination Summary And Analysis

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This week as class begun I wasn’t quite sure what sociology entailed. I learned today that sociology is the study of social factor that shape our lived and our future. For example is C Wright Mills essay he states that certain social consequences for example unemployment could lead to various results such as an increase in crime rate and increase in domestic violence. Sociology expands on the ways that social class, ethnicity, gender rules, and historical/biological forces create various societal norms. Biological and historical forces also tend to create societal arrangement which tend to constraint mankind’s idea of how they use their freedom of choice. In our first reading and lecture I learned a lot, for example how sociological imagination…show more content…
As professor Tarr mentioned in class what may be a personal trouble can be a public issue as well. For example a college student working an excessive amount of hours and still struggling to pay bills may seem like a personal trouble but many college students experience that same difficulty making it a public issue regarding to college costs and expenses of everyday life. While a personal trouble may be never doing any of your homework, never showing up for class, and missing important exams leading to your expulsion from school. Personal troubles caused by a series of bad choices. Another thing that I found interesting was in C. Wright Mills essay over sociological imagination regarding why man needs this in everyday life. Sociological imagination enables man to grasp history and biography therefore allowing man to make connection in society. As C. Wright Mills mentions in his essay “man needs quality of mind to help develop reason.” What would a world without sociological imagination be like? What kind of insight would people have if sociological imagination didn’t exist? Would this way of thinking change how humans interacted with one another or change their personal experience as a human? Would stereotyping or discrimination still

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