Sociological Impacts Of Society In William Golding's Lord Of The Flies

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Politics in the Woods Since the beginning of time, there has been the oh-so-popular debate of nature versus nurture, good versus bad, and if people are born good and are corrupted by society, or if they are born naturally horrible and society has no impact. In the fiction book “Lord of the Flies” by William Golding it shows this very interesting topic of whether or not people are good or bad. Instead of adults, who have had time to change and have the sociological impact of the world, Golding uses children, ages 6-12. Young British school boys who haven’t yet been affected by the factors of society. They are all in a terrible plane crash which led to the boys being stranded on an island. All of this during the second world war. There are …show more content…

Jacks acting out became almost dictator like, “His tone conveyed a warning, given out of the pride of ownership, and the boys ate faster while there was still time. Seeing there was no immediate likelihood of a pause, Jack rose from the log that was his throne and sauntered to the edge of the grass. He looked down from behind his paint at Ralph and Piggy. They moved a little farther off over the sand and Ralph watched the fire as he ate. He noticed, without understanding, how the flames were visible now against the dull light. Evening was come, not with calm beauty but with the threat of violence.” (pg116, Golding). This shows Ralph is strong willed because he is not letting Jack’s authoritarian attempt push him away from his power in the community. Next, patience is key. This is because Ralph needs to use patience to deal with the talking and rambunctiousness of the “littuns” and the other members of the older boys; especially Piggy. Piggy seems to always have something to say, whether or not it is helpful is beside the point to him. Piggy is constantly talking about his asthma and what his aunty is saying to him, not too appealing to kids who just wanna be kids aye? Ralph, even though he has befriended piggy, really just uses him as a scapegoat for the harsh reality that they boys on the island must face. “He took off his glasses and

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