Sociology Agents Of Socialization

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"'Society makes us normal,' this is what sociologist refers to when they discuss socialization" (p.73). Socialization is what has impacted our life. Our major agents are our families, our peers, and mass media this influences gender, but we are also looking at how our family, neighborhood, religion, day care, school, peer groups, and workplace influences more" (p.87). All major aspects of who we are. Which impacts you the most?
Agents of socialization are "people or groups that affects our self concept, attitudes, behaviors, or other orientations toward life "( p.87). First when looking at our gender we are affected in many ways. Starting off with our families, they show us that pink is for girl and blue is for boy; therefore, parents are buying there daughters dolls while there buying there sons toy guns (p.82). Next we have our peer groups. Our peer groups have impacted us on the way we see and react with things. For example, girls are all about gossip discussing appearances and behavior of other females. While males discuss sex and violence that occur around them (p.84). Then we have our mass media. This affects our gender because of what television, video games, and what advertisement makes us out to be. For example, they used to make girls out to being fragile, but now girls are just as powerful as guys are now in …show more content…

They taught me who I am as a person and who I want to be in the future. From the school they put in me and the values that have taught me has got me very far in life. My family is definitely the definition of agent of socialization they have affected my self-concept, my attitude, and my behavior. I wouldn't be who I am today without them. So, the question is do you have a family member or group in your life that has impacted you ? According to Warren Farrell, "In fact, the socialization gives us the tools to fill to our evolutionary roles. They are our building

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