Sociology In The Hunger Games

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Ideas of sociology play a big role in people’s everyday lives. Many Books and movies consists of the basic ideas of sociology. The film series, The Hunger Games is an example of such a representative movies. The base story of the series include a society, where people are given little to no rights. This story highly relates to the ideas of sociology since it is about a society, its culture and norms. Katniss Everdeen, is the female lead of the movie who rebels for her rights.
The story is set in Panem. It consists of 13 districts. It is run totalitarian dictatorship.There are strict norms practiced in this locality. Norms are the accepted standards of behavior for any given group. The basic norms of this society include obedience and sacrifice. This society can also be called a total institution. A total institution is a place of residence where similarly situated people, cut off from the wider community lead an enclosed, formally administered life together. In the movie, it is shown that the people of panem are not allowed to migrate out of the districts, and thus are cut off from the larger society. People do not oppose this system as they are taught to live in this way. In this society uprisings are prevented through primary and secondary socialization. Primary socialization is when a child learns appropriate values and actions. Children are taught to live and think a certain way. They are introduced to the basic norms and values since a young age. Other form of

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