Socrates And Grube's Apology

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Apology starts off with Socrates in front of the jury in a courtroom in which he is on trial, he then proceeds to give his speech. When Apology first starts off, he has charges already against brought upon him. One of his accusers being Meletus. He made accusations against Socrates such as corrupting the youth and teaching the youth to act in an evil manner. Socrates argues that he can't corrupt the youth and that one man can not corrupt the youth, he states” What is his riddle? I am very conscious that I am not wise at all; what then does he mean by saying “ (Grube pg. 26). Socrates is stating that he isn't capable of corrupting and if he did, he did so unwillingly. He then tries to find a man that is wiser than him. He can only find people

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