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Socrates criticizes the poet’s speech claiming that it does not have a single purpose other than to entertain, which is not sufficient enough. Socrates concerns himself with corrupt education and wants to ensure that he and the city does everything capable to produce well rounded, fine thinking men. Though he may reject the poet’s use of literary speech, Socrates develops his own type of literary speech to use. He reckons that his own literary speech be used instead since it would be more meaningful and creates three myths, distinguishing why they are crucial components for the education of the people. One of the first discussions Socrates had about poets focused on poet’s use of imitation and violent accounts in their tales. The…show more content…
Socrates distinguishes his tales from those told by poets on the basis of moral messages, where the aim is justice and not purely entertainment. Appetite and humor is human and if people are not vigilant of excess or indulgence then it may be detrimental, but philosophers have achieved moderation and harmony among their appetite, spirit, and rationality; therefore, they are able to help people manage their own virtue, so they do not become susceptible to being conquered from within by their weaker virtues. Socrates argues the many are not capable of accepting entirely rational proposals presented by philosophers because they cannot surpass their appetite, nor will they ever have the same comprehension of certain principles; therefore, it is easier for the philosophers to tell or create stories. The Socratic literary speech intends to teach the people of the city rudimentary principles in order for them to be compliant. Socrates presents three stories, the myth of metals, the allegory of the cave, and the myth of Er to be used as tools by the philosophers to demonstrate certain ideas and concepts to the people. The first story told by Socrates is the myth of the metals, and is later recognized as the noble lie. The myth of metals was created when Socrates had first begun his imagination of his ideal city. The ideal city was used as a way for Socrates to

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