Socrates Research Paper

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Socrates Socrates was born in 470 BCE and was the son of Sophronicus and Phaenarete. In his youth he studied music, gymnastics and grammar, then followed his father’s profession as a sculptor. He was also a very great artist whereby he decorated a statue of Graces on the Acropolis road and was admired by many people into the 2nd century. Socrates played a major role in the development of philosophy (Irwin, 2008). Socrates was a man from ancient Greek and is highly considered to be the Father of Philosophy. In the field of philosophy, he was the tutor of Plato, who taught Aristotle the teacher of Alexander the Great. It was through Socrates, that the Greek philosophy came…show more content…
He emphasized the fact that people should concentrate on their self-development, but not their material wealth. He was also convinced that people possessed some good virtues such their philosophical or intellectual virtues (Irwin, 2008). Socrates political matters are found in dialogue from Plato, which shows Socrates strong belief against a democratic nation. He claimed that the only perfect nation was one which people are led by the philosophers. Socrates also supported the mystical where he discussed reincarnation and the religious cults of his time. In 399 BCE Socrates was found guilty of impiety and corrupting the young. He was sentenced to death and carried out his own execution by drinking the deadly hemlock potion. This is one of the most famous trials in history and Socrates is seen as an intellectual hero. In conclusion, Socrates logics were very instrumental towards the development of the great philosophical movements. It has been vividly depicted that Socrates played an enormous role towards the emergence and development of philosophy. Socrates philosophies are still used
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