Socrates Vs Socrates

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In this paper, I will present and explain the argument Socrates gives for the conclusion that it is unjust for him to try to escape Athens against the will of the authorities. During The Crito Socrates is in jail awaiting his execution. Crito visits Socrates one or two days before his execution with the idea of helping him escape, and moving him to a place out of the Athenian authority’s jurisdiction. During this time with Crito; Socrates brings up an argument. I will be covering this argument in this paper, and it is that Socrates should not escape from jail to avoid his execution. The first premise that I will be covering in this argument is that, “Do you think that a city can still exist without being overturned, if the legal judgements rendered within it possess no force, but are nullified or invalidated by individuals” (The Crito, pg. 73). The reason why this is brought up is that if he escapes, Socrates would be going against the legal judgements of the Athenian authorities. Therefore, if Socrates would be willing to go through with leaving, he would be contributing to the downfall of Athens. An example of this in today’s society from where I am from is bridge jumping. It is illegal activity, yet so many people do it and because of this the authorities have hard time enforcing it. In the case with Socrates, it is not necessarily the down fall of Athens, but he is setting an example. This example that he is setting could lead to more people breaking the law, thus the

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