Socrates 's Argument On Plato 's ' Crito '

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Plato’s Crito

In this essay, I aim to prove that Socrates’s committed just act by examine surrendering his life. To do this, I will examine the arguments made by Plato to convince Socrates to escape from prison, as well as evaluating Socrates’s arguments against escaping from prison, while arguing that Socrates’s arguments were stronger. I will start by examining Plato’s arguments, and then move into Socrates’s arguments, while pointing out the strengths and weaknesses of both. I will touch on all of Socrates’s main arguments, however I will focus mainly on his argument that committing unjust actions can be harmful to one’s soul, and that having a ruined soul would render life not worth living. In his Crito, Plato lays out three arguments explaining why Socrates’s should escape the prison, flee to live in exile. He first argues that by choosing to remain in prison and be executed, Socrates would be hurting Plato in two ways; by forcing Plato to lose a good friend, and by hurting Plato’s reputation. Plato believes that since people will not be aware that Socrates chose to remain in prison, they will assume that Plato had the chance to help Socrates escape, and that he wasn’t willing to spend the money or put in the effort. This will lead people to believe that Plato cares more about his finances than his friend, and his reputation will be damaged beyond repair. This argument relies on Plato’s belief that is wrong to commit an act that will hurt a friend. I find this…
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