Socrates 's Philosophy And Critical Analysis

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Socrates [Author Name] [University] Socrates Socrates- A Brief Intro Socrates is known for his imminent contribution in western philosophy. A deep insight into his philosophical theories and concepts was possible only through the works of his disciples, Plato and Xenophon. Socrates left no written record of his writings or dialogues he had with different people across the city of Athens. He had a unique indirect way of diving into the reality of various philosophies of life, by raising questions with the people in conversation, and proved to the attendees of discussion that they hardly grasp the genuine reality. This is also known as ‘Socratic method’ that gained him appraisal and annoyance at the same time. This method of breaking down a hypothesis into a series of questions formed the foundation of scientific method of study. ( (Socrates Biography) In the light of Socrates findings through the works of Plato,(Jowett) this essay aims to illustrate the various dimensions of Socratic philosophy and critical analysis of these arguments. Socratic Dialogues via Plato’s words Socratic dialogues are manifestations of discussions between Socrates and notable men of Athens. These involve a sequel of different questions on themes such as friendship, piety, courage etc. These dialogues serve to be indirect in nature and thus leave the reader to undergo through a catharsis and analyze the beliefs of Socrates.
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