SocratesCriticisms Of Machiavelli

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Socrates’ Criticisms of Machiavelli Socrates and Machiavelli were ancient philosophers whose ideas are still discussed and debated to this day. Socrates wanted people to not live in fear of the state and wanted laws that were fair to individuals. Machiavelli wanted a strong leader who the people lived in fear of in order to maintain stability of the state. He believed the Prince should do what is necessary for the state, whether or not that conflicted with morality. Socrates would have seen this form of government as tyrannical and individuals would not have any power. He believed in free speech for the people and thought it was okay for people to speak out against the government. Machiavelli despised free speech and believed it threatened the stability of the state. These two philosophers had very different ideas of government that are even seen today. The main difference between their ideas of government is how much power the state should have over the individual. Socrates would not have liked Machiavelli's Prince because Socrates favored individuals over the state and believed that the state should not have all the power over individuals. Socrates was thrown in jail for speaking out against the government which he believed was justified. He had broken a law he felt was unfair and spoke out against it. He thought it was necessary for individuals to speak out against the government so that the state doesn't have too much power over the people. He also believed that while

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