Socrates's View Of Egoism : The Philosophy Of Egoism

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In life in is inevitable to think about one's self, a person has to be concerned of his own well- being in order to thrive in society. Philosophers have tried to determine if egoism is true in human nature. Egoism definitely impacts human behavior, humans think about what will better impact them instead what will impact society as a whole. It is human nature to think about personal wants, needs, and happiness before thinking about others. Egoism is apparent in every person whether they realize it or not, it is rational to believe people will do whatever it takes to find their happiness.
The Republic takes readers through a series of conversations between Socrates and a number of his peers. These conversations all fall back on the underlaying theme of justice or what it means to be just. While having a conversation with Thrasymachus, the subject of egoism is mentioned. Thrasymachus defends there is no such thing as a selfless act, Socrates counters this argument and gives the example of doctors working to make patients healthy. This argument of Socrates is flawed because doctors do not just work to make patients healthy, they work to make the wages they earn from doing this work. These wages are the reason for their act of healing, therefore, making it an egotistical act. If the core of Socrates's argument is flawed, then his credibility on the subject of egoism has vanished.
Phycological egoism has determined that everyone acts egoistically and there is no other way to

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