Softball Batting Made Easy

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When I hear the song “Take Me Out To The Ball Game” I immediately think of softball, and when I think of softball, I think of the amazing feeling I have when I step up to the batter’s box. If you don’t know what softball is, it is the feminine form of baseball with similar rules as well as many modifications to make it easier for women and young girls to play. I remember my first high school game. My whole family was there and all of my closest friends. I was batting fifth and there was no one on base. If you are not familiar with neither baseball nor softball, if you don’t get out you are then on one of four bases where you must reach each base before you score. So in other words, you start by batting then going to first, second, third, and finally home base. I was so nervous about the fact that I already had two strikes and this next pitch could be it; I could be out. In softball as well baseball you get three strikes and if you fail to hit the ball you are out. As the ball was coming toward me, I swung all the way through and when I hit it, the ball sliced between a defensive players glove. I had my first single ever! Everyone should experience getting their first hit whether it is on an actual softball team, or just a couple of people playing around at a park. It is both fun and easy to bat if you just apply the correct methods. Like with most sports, some equipment is required. You must have a softball, a bat, a batting helmet, and a home base, which is

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