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Software Piracy

Software piracy is the copying and reselling of software without the consent of the software creator. It is the copying and reuse of software by large corporations. It is copying software and distributing it on the Web.

A country with maybe the biggest software piracy problem is China. In 1994, software piracy was 97% in China.1 In 1999 the rate was still 91%. 2 Software piracy is a huge problem in China. Only Vietnam has a higher piracy rate than China.

Stopping the software piracy problem in China will be very difficult. Software piracy is embedded in China’s culture. China has long accepted the teachings of Confucianism and the idea of sharing creative works and ideas. 3 In China copying is not perceived as
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From May 1996 to 1998 authorities seized 52 optical disc production lines from 33 different CD factories.9 China has also set up a reward system. A monetary reward is paid for information leading to the seizure of CD lines.10

Globally, software piracy in China has had a huge effect. In 1996, the estimated loses to U.S. copyright-based industries in China was $2.3 billion. In 1997 it was $2.8 billion.11

After China, the country with the next highest piracy rate is Russia. Russia has a software piracy rate of almost 90%.12 Much like China, Russia has also ignored its software piracy problems. The government there doe not address this problem. Like the government in China, the government in Russia must educate the public about the immorality of software pirating. They must pass stricter laws and enforce them. The piracy problems that currently exist in Russia have a significant impact on the rest of the world, including the U.S.

India does not have the piracy problems that China and Russia have, but it still has big piracy problems. India’s piracy rate is 64%. 13 India has had an economic slowdown. Thus, people are looking for cheaper software. Since copying software has become easier, piracy has risen in India. 14 Also remember that although China and Russia have higher piracy rates than India, these two countries do not have economies that rely as heavily on

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