Software Testing And White Box Testing

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Software testing is one of the main and final steps in the software development life cycle. Testing is important to ensure that the system works as it was intended to. Software testing is a method of assessing the functionality of a software program. There are many different types of software testing but the main types are black box testing and white box testing. Testing can be done either manually or automatically. Testing is an important and heavily used technique to measure and ensure software quality. It is part of almost any software project. The testing phase of typical projects take up to 50% of the total project effort, [1] and hence contributes significantly to the project costs. Any change in the software can potentially influence the result of a test. For this reason tests have to be repeated often. This is error-prone, time consuming and expensive. Automatic testing significantly reduces the effort of individual tests. This implies that performing the same test becomes cheaper, or one can do more tests within the same budget. Manual testing is time consuming, unreliable and costly while Automated testing in contrast is reliable and requires less investment in human resources. Test data generation in program testing is the process of identifying a set of test data which satisfies given testing criterion. A test data generator is a tool which assists a programmer in the generation of test data for a program [11]. The most recent

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