Soil Analysis : Soil And Soil

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Soil Analysis

Introduction- The purpose of this investigation was to identify the texture of the soil we collected, while learning the different methods used to determine soil texture. I hypothesized the soil we collected from the North side of the school would be Clay Loam. In the Soil Introduction Power Point we learned about the pedosphere. We discovered that soil houses both organic (materials containing carbon compounds) and inorganic matter (materials like minerals: phosphates and nitrates). Also, we found the components that make up the ideal soil. (Diagram A below). It must have pore space for the exchange of gases and water movement to keep it healthy. Then we talked about the five factors that make soil, or how it forms. A
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The last part of the Power Point was the layers soil forms as it develops including duff, topsoil, subsoil, and bedrock. Duff is top layer of organic matter, which isn’t always there because it could have been mowed or washed away. Topsoil is the second layer and the most fertile layer with a lot of nutrients where most of the plant’s roots are. The third layer, also called subsoil, is less nutrient rich and has less organic material; it is possible for some roots to reach this layer. The final layer is bedrock, a solid layer of rock beneath some soils. (Note: Some soils not all soils; these layers can vary at different locations) During the Soil Water Absorption Power Point on the other hand, we learned how a soil’s texture could control the amount and how quickly water can seep into the layers of soil (the duff, topsoil, subsoil, and bedrock). A soil’s capability to collect and store water is vital to the other parts of the ecosystem like the plants growing there and the topography. An example of that could be erosion. The texture of the soil also affects the other parts of the soil as well, such as the pore space. Poor space is the bare space between the particles of soil that can be infiltrated by the air and water. If there is a lot of poor space then the soil can absorb a lot of water but too much poor space is not a good thing. If there is too much, water will carry through so quickly the plants can’t exploit it. Similarly,
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