Soldier Girl The Emma Edmonds Story Analysis

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In “Soldier Girl: The Emma Edmond’s Story”, Tom Derreck summarizes the heroic service of Emma Edmund in the United States Army during the Civil War. During the Civil War, society granted women minimal rights, and women were considered subordinates to men. Neither the United States Army or the Confederate Army, furthermore, allowed women to serve as soldiers. During her time in service, Edmund displayed brave and heroic behavior under constant threat. Throughout the length of the war, Edmund served as a member of the Second Michigan Volunteer Infantry Regiment, a spy embedded among Confederates, and a nurse. Edmund proved to be a hardworking and exceptional soldier, and she made significant contributions to the war effort. In “Soldier Girl: The Emma Edmond’s Story”, Tom Derreck uses Emma Edmund’s wartime experiences to argue for equal rights in the armed forces. Tom Derreck uses specific examples from Emma Edmund’s service in the United States Army to prove that women are just as capable of serving in the military. After describing Edmund’s journey to join the United States Army, Derreck explains that Edmund served in Bull Run, one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War, where she fought alongside fellow men and aied in caring for the wounded following the conclusion of the skirmish. Derreck uses Edmund’s service at Bull Run to prove to his audience that women are capable of operating in tough, demanding, and dangerous conditions often seen in war. Derreck describes

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