Soldier Narrative

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I woke up to the smell of rotting flesh and decaying corpse. I pushed myself up from the green moss. I turned to look back at the scene I was once in. There were two lankard soldiers they looked like they were in their older thirties. Both had gunshots to their chest and slashes at their necks a traditional death mark of the rebels. I laughed to myself as I thought of the pathetic ambush they tried to pull on me. It was about 1:00 am when I went to hunt some deer for preparation of my promotion to 2nd in command. Before I could even get into the forest of Glade two of the soldiers came up to me and tried to fight me. I took them both out within a minute with my small pistol and knife. "Damn" I thought I still need to find a deer. I picked up …show more content…

I smiled and thanked everyone then I looked outside and grew angry. "Take the children and elders to a safe place the soldiers have come" I yelled. I jumped off the stage and ran to the armory table and picked up a pistol and daggers. I looked behind me and saw that Darnell and Aaron were helping the people get guns and armor. I looked down and noticed I was still in my dress. I groaned and torn the bottoms off and turned it into a shirt and skirt. I went towards the door and opened it to find a leader standing there with his gun pointing at me. I pulled the gun from his hands and then positioned to his head. "What are you doing here?" I asked angrily I felt my face getting hot and my knuckles were turning white since I was holding the gun so hard against his head. "Lana...Lana...Lana" yelled a deep voice. I looked around the crowd and saw someone pushing through the crowd and up to where I was. I dropped my gun when I saw the person. "Trent" I said surprised and ran towards him. Trent held me tightly and smiled. He introduced me to Jason whom was the leader and also the guy I held the gun to. I apologized then Darrell allowed my brother and me to talk. I learned that I have two beautiful nieces and a nephew named Adam whom ran away. Soon Jason interrupted and told Trent it's time to go. Trent hugged me again then left. I walked back with Jason whom told me a lot of tricks to do with my knife and new combat moves. I looked at him with his mesmerizing brown eyes and beautiful slick black hair. He saw me looking at him and almost kissed me but we heard gunshots and yelling. I ran to see that the rebels and soldiers were fighting. I pushed some soldiers off the wounded rebels. I almost pulled my knife out but I saw children also fighting alongside the soldiers. They were scared and terrified. I ran up to them and told them gently to go home they all hugged me and ran back to the soldier's

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