Solitary Confinement Is The United States Prisons

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Solitary Confinement has become an issue in the United States Prisons. Inmates can be placed in solitary confinement not only for violent acts, but also for acts such as possessing contraband, using drugs, ignoring orders or using profanity. Most inmates in solitary confinement are placed in isolated cells for 23 hours per day. Many of these cells are illuminated only be artificial light and offer no exposure to natural daylight.

The problem with Solitary Confinement is that it causes mental health issues, it has been misused in prison, causes torture, inmates social life aren 't the same as before with their family members or friends. Prisoners have suffered severe psychological harm by being alone in small dark room without having anyone to talk to, having to only see a pitch black room. This issue should be fixed by using a different method without harming them and causing humans a physical damage. United States prisons should instead put inmates who are placed in solitary confinements and have them all together in the same area, than having each inmate in a room to their self. I believe that this method would work because prisons would be isolating them but they won’t be in a room by themselves, they will instead be in a room with other inmates to at least talk to and reflect amongst them together to become a better person outside of prison.
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Solitary Confinement has crossed Jimmy Santiago Baca life and has caused a major impact to change his life around. On

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