Solitude In William Wordsworth

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In the words of Thomas Edison, solitude is when, one does their best thinking.
The importance of solitude can further be divulged into by Franz Kafka’s words that writing is the ultimate source of utter solitude, it acts as a welcome reprieve.
Another of William Wordsworth’s contemporaries, Lord Byron was of the opinion that letter writing was the ultimate way of merging good company with solitude.
In Ralph Waldo Emerson’s renowned essay “Self-Reliance” he surmises that it is quite easy to dwell in the world without caring for its opinion but the greatest level of solitude and tranquility is achieved when a person learns to be carefree in the midst of a crowd and learn the bliss of eternal solitude.
And in “Nature” he states that “the universe …show more content…

His sister Dorothy was sent to reside at Halifax with a relative, and the boys of the family were sent to study at Hawkshead where they were educated quite well and cared for (Williams 1993). It is quite possible that this turned out to be Wordsworth’s origin as a solitary person who had no close friends but only nature was his ally and reprieve. However, due to his solitary and introverted nature, he had the chance to contemplate deeply and thoroughly and more importantly, learned to appreciate the pure beauty and grandeur of nature that is, more often than not, taken for granted and easily ignored by people. The childhood solitude and melancholy thus became the inspiration behind William Wordsworth’s numerous famous poems. In literature, Existentialism (philosophical movement) ponders the question of human existence. Existence here indicates the ability of a human being to be able to recognize his potentialities and exercise his freedom and choice in making decision. This philosophy has quite notably impacted the world literature and the reader could easily detect

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