Solving The Criminal Mind From A Grander Perspective

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The best way to prevent crimes in the community is to have all agencies affected by crime, working together to minimize the influence of it. I call this theory, ONE SYSTEM. The numerous theories mentioned in chapter one of the criminology theory book have one common goal, to understand. Theories such as macro level theories try to explain the criminal mind from a grander perspective. Where micro theories attempt to bring an improved perception on an individual level. Have we mastered the evolution needed to bring change to the social or individual level? I will assess some of the different criminology theories reviewed in class, the pros and cons of the one system theory, that an adequate comparison can be produced of the one system theory. There are numerous theories in place to help understand the criminal mind and to assist with carrying out change. Social structure theory looks at the environment as a whole. Where social processing looks at the procedure the person learns. Social processing looks at the family, and subcultures. You have classification of theory which compact development in a well-ordered bundle. Another theory is classical which emphasis legal reform and the ability to target individually. They are two of the oldest classification theory. We also discussed theory-then-research which argues to create a concept, then do the research verses research-then-theory which is the total opposite allowing research to be done first. There are many
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