Solving the Issue of Fellow Officers Abusing Their Power and Sometimes Taking the Law into Their Own Hands

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How can police officials solve the issue of fellow officers abusing their power and at times taking the law into their own hands? In the field of law enforcement, it can be difficult to balance what is the right course of action to use based on the criminals and their intentions while being placed under arrest. It is important that officers make all the appropriate precautions so that their decision to implement use of force cannot be miscued as abuse of power. Police officers are on the force to protect and serve that is why it is detrimental for the department, community, and themselves to make the most responsible decision even when they are faced with the worst of circumstances. It seems to be displayed in the media, that…show more content…
If they were to interact more with the police on the force more frequently they would have a better understanding about the officers indiviually. By having employee workshops and group discussions this could be beneficial in identifing behavior that is out of the normal by patrole officers; which could then be looked at more closley to avoid an incident out in the field. It is also an option to have higher ranking police officials spend more time congregating with patrol officers so they can be more observant of officer attitudes and comments of concern that are being made. “Eighty-five percent of the officers said that a police chief’s taking a strong position against abuses of authority can make a big difference in preventing officers from abusing their authority” (Bryant, Greenspan and Hamilton, The Abuse of Police Authority). Taking a stronger involvement with officers this would give new insight to these higher ranking officiers of what is being talked about, offering them an opportunity to observe an officers behavior or lanugange and what he might be talking about or going through on a personal level in and outside of the workplace. Higher ranking officials have the authority to make decisions that affect their entire department good or bad, that is why it’s important for them to get more involved with their employees. Therefore, it gives police officers the indication it is not ok or acceptable to misuse their power in any situation. Both
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