Somalia And Somali The Culture Of Somalia

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The Culture of Somalia As a member of the military it is of great importance to know the culture of the area you are operating in. Knowing the culture allows for missions to go smoothly and keeps the relationship between the US and foreign countries as friendly as possible. Aspects of your own culture that may seem normal to you may be completely bizarre or disrespectful to someone else. To get a better understanding of a culture, I have chosen to analyze the culture of Somalia, a nation located on the eastern side of Africa’s coast. The country of Somalia is divided into eighteen different regions, each region being broken down into smaller districts. Somalia shares its borders with Djibouti, Kenya, the Gulf of Aden, the Indian Ocean, and Ethiopia. It geographically resembles the horn of a rhino, earning it the nickname “the Horn of Africa” (Somalia). The terrain is mostly flat, consisting of plateaus, plains, highlands, and a small number of mountain ranges. Somalia falls close to the equator, giving it a very hot climate with insignificant variation from season to season. The mountainous regions are the only parts where freezing temperatures are recorded, usually occurring during the winter months when the humidity drops (Somalia). The official languages of Somalia are Somali and Arabic. The Somali language has three main dialects: Northern, Benadir, and Maay. Northern is the basis of the language, with the other dialects branching off it. Benadir is spoken

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