Some Doubted the Idea of Conflict

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Some doubted the idea of conflict Both the Prince and Charles Sorley present the idea of conflict as a disease that had started of something meaningless. Shakespeare during the Princes speech at the start of the play is suggests that conflict is futile and is not worth the damage it causes. When Shakespeare describes conflict as something ‘bred of an airy word’ it is clear that he views conflict as something pointless and insignificant. The word ‘airy’ suggests that the conflict is spreading and is affecting everyone, which is another outcome of conflict which Shakespeare finds unjust. An alternative meaning is that an ‘airy word’ is that it could be an insult which further implies its meaningless message. Furthermore ‘airy’ can also means not treating something as serious which relates to the way the two families view the conflict, ignoring their destruction of peace and how everyone is affected by their lack of responsibility. In addition the word ‘bred’ can be suggesting that the conflict started out if something small but then began growing after being fed by ‘airy’ words. Shakespeare could have been referring to the war of the Roses in which two most powerful families in England were fighting over the throne. Shakespeare would have been influenced by it as the conflict also affected the whole of London and therefore Shakespeare could have been using his play to make a statement about the war. The audience reaction at the time would have been scolding as they have all

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