Song Analysis On Poverty

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I choose to do this song because I love much, and I find it easier to relate when it is music form and let my feeling out. When I saw this option in the activity I found my “holy grail” because writing poetry and songs was my only civilized way of letting out emotions, and through way I could show how I felt about the issue of poverty. Some important thing I learned about poverty is how it affects all of us. Poverty is more that just a homeless person on the street. It includes the rich people as well as the poor. From this project i researched poverty I saw how people are only poor because others are rich. The line in my song “Since Poverty. Ain't the only thing I see” shows that there are people outside of the people. Those who take …show more content…

When I think of is an accurate representation of my mind mental imagination is able to see. poverty this. I love drawing and being able to visually show my understanding of poverty was difficult to portray in a scrapbook size paper, but it shows my mental state in the touchy subject of poverty. Some important thing I learned about poverty is how it is recurring all us.
Like a cycle poverty surrounds us. Starting with the rich man and ending with the poor, it runs and reruns on how greed is changes the lives of the inhabitants of Earth. In this poster I tried to show the different ways it affects different people and how that impacts the world in a more broad spectrum. From this activity, I learned that it is difficult to use one image to represent something as versatile as poverty, and that their are many aspects to poverty. Everybody has a different viewing of poverty. Some people see it only as the physical, and some can see the spiritually, and different people view it at a different level. Teens can help solve this problem through volunteering. Eventually, our teenagers are going to be the new leaders of the world, and we will ave to pass on the torch. If, they already engage in helping the needing, our future generation will understand of there importance of helping the poor. In Unit 3, the theme is “Be Faithful”. Yes, we are in for a long ride that may or may not

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