Stereotypes And Discrimination In The Film 'Freedom Writers'

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Stereotypes and discrimination have been in our society since this country’s founding. In our current society, many of these stereotypes are projected through movies. In the article “Whistling Vivaldi” Steele makes frequent comments about the differences between black and whites stating if you are any color other than white you are in fact less intelligent (2). This is the core problem, in our day to day lives, stereotypes get thrown around like they are facts, without any questions involved. Wither you are white, Black, or Hispanic, we all function the same on the inside. The movie “Freedom Writers” is a perfect example of this claim. In the movie Freedom Writers students struggle with racism and identity but overall the problem is not their identity, it is the lower socioeconomic population. People who live in poverty areas such as colored are given less of a chance in educational achievement. These students are not being taught as well as per say a privileged individual that lives in a wealthy area. Parents with higher education and income are more likely to engage children with questions and dialogue that invite creative responses, while parents in poverty lack the time and energy for anything more than simple and goal-oriented commands. People in poverty are as diverse as any other socioeconomic class. They present, a wide array of values, beliefs, experiences, backgrounds, and life chances. In order to be responsive to the needs of students, it would be helpful to

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