Song Of Solomon: Division And Classification Of Human Being

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Song of Solomon
LAP #2
Prompt #3
Ivan Jimenez
Period 3
AP Literature and Composition
LAP #2 Song of Solomon
Prompt #3 The division and classification of human beings. This is the idea behind “race”. For centuries this term was used by so called superior humans to justify their discrimination and violence towards the people around them. It continues to be associated with such an ominous past and has come to shape attitudes around the world. Even in our modern society conflict and tension because of race continue to hinder our species unity. In the United States of America tensions between blacks and whites have existed ever since the birth of the country and there is no end in sight. Numerous samples of American literature have directly spoken of race. Remarkably, Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison through its insightful storytelling and the uniqueness of its characters manages to give very thought provoking views on the subject. The protagonist Milkman Dead is an African American man who has always lived a complacent lifestyle. Never truly understanding the hardships of other African Americans his attitude toward the subject of race is one of ambiguity. This completely contrast his own family and friends as their perspectives not only reveal their character in their truest form but also the folly of ignorance. Guitar Bains has been Milkman's best friend since they were children. The two share many memories and through them developed a strong bond. As Guitar and

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