Sonmi-451: Movie Analysis

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Despite it being the most confusing and hard to understand movie that I’ve ever seen, I like the idea of it. All of these characters that are connected with other in different times. I experienced many different emotions while watching it. Adam Ewing’s storyline felt like I was watching a slavery film. He was the good guy and ended up befriending a slave while Dr. Goose was the bad guy trying to kill him and his father-in-law was another bad guy who was a racist and worked in the slave trade. Robert Frobisher’s storyline for me was quite sad as we had seen his fate at the very beginning of the movie. Luisa Rey’s storyline for me was very intriguing. Her story involved investigating and solving a mystery, which made me feel as though I was watching police show on television. Timothy Cavendish’s storyline for me was extremely funny. That really is all there is to say about it.…show more content…
Her story is an example of a statist dystopia. A statist dystopia is where the government in the society has gotten to the point where it controls everything and takes away individual freedoms. In Sonmi-451’s case (as well as all of the other fabricants), they were not allowed to think for themselves and had no freedom. They lived in a dehumanized state. Zachry’s story set in a post-apocalyptic world is also another one of the textbook examples of dystopia. His story is an example of a post-apocalyptic dystopia. A post-apocalyptic dystopia is the aftermath of some horrible event. Watching the movie I was not really sure what caused the apocalypse (or if they even told us what happened) but it is truly a dystopia. My theory is that something to do with the aftermath of Sonmi-451’s story caused the horrible aftermath that we see in this story. This story in the movie confused me the most, but I could still identify the dystopian characteristics in
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